Friday, June 18, 2010


Life is full of change. One great thing happens, then you turn a corner and something bad happens. Seasons change in the weather the same as they do in our lives. But, the one thing that ALWAYS remains the same is our incredible God- regardless of whether or not we are in an "up time" or "down time".

Renee and I have been on a journey in ministry together for 11 1/2 years now. She is my partner. We have some news that we want to share with you next Thursday at Prime that we hope will be a blessing. It's hard to listen to the voice of God sometimes, especially when it's not comfortable. But, there is GREAT blessing in following the Lord's voice. He is our Great Shepherd and we will follow him with our lives!

Can't wait to tag-team with John next week as we share some important news, hope you'll be able to make it.


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